"I met Ryan Gingery in a nightclub in Manhattan. We were introduced by my dear friend Christina Blacken (The New Quo).  I very nearly didn't meet her, because I accidentally went to the adjacent club, which was throwing a seriously good lesbian-only party. I called Christina to double check where her and the crew were, and was a touch disappointed that they were at the club next door. 

This didn't last long, as I entered a space that can only be described as a cavernous R&B superstore, pumping with air-conditioning, and the most incredible sub woofer. It felt crisp and roomy and ready for us to test just about any experimental dance move we so chose. It was also where I spotted the American Apparel wrap dress of dreams. (Now a base on which I build every season of my wardrobe. That's a blog post for another time).  

Energized and regal, Ryan was an intriguing vision of lithe limbs, rhythm, confidence, creativity and the tiniest pastel purple Balenciaga moto bag I'd ever seen. OH, and the hair was the icing on the cake. I knew immediately that I had to work her into a SKIMDO campaign down the line, and here we are!"

 - Kim, Founder of SKIMDO

So, Ryan.. 

K: What brought you to New York?

RG: I came here for Undergrad at Columbia. 

K: Nice one! What are you working on at the moment? 

RG: I've been nerding out on improv this year. I'm a student at Upright Citizen's Brigade and I'm on an indie improv team. Practicing long-form improv really pushes me to be quick, witty, observant and supportive. And also just generally, I like capturing hilarious moments, like my friend cutting his birthday cake like a serial killer, and posting them on Instagram. 

K: Haha, yes, I saw that, absolutely brilliant. What a legend! What's your Go-To audition hairstyle and outfit? 

RG: My hair is down, parted in the middle, and casually tucked behind my ears. The outfit is high-waisted jeans, a baggy tee and mustard yellow suede boots (that I got for $20 in the sale from $120!). 

K: Ooh, what's your sign? 

RG: Virgo

K: In your opinion, what's the best restaurant in New York? 

RG: The River Café. Incredible service. I sat down and I was like, dang, where can I put my purse? I can't hang it on the back of the chair! It doesn't stay. But then the waiter came out like, I got you boo, and gave me a beautifully upholstered tiny stool for my bag. And I was like, wow, swag. 

K: I'm curious, what's your favourite plant?

RG: Bamboo

K: And your favourite app

RG: Instagram

K: It's currently my most used at the moment, for sure. Definitely need to pick up a book again soon. What do you recommend? 

RG: The Giving Tree by Shel SIlverstein

K: Who do you call when you want to have fun? 

RG: For chill, spontaneous hanging out, my sisters. To see a comedy show for some laughs, my improv friends. When I feel like a good dance session, anyone who will come with me to Cielo on wednesday nights. 

K: Your hairstyle really reminds me of those stunning photos Peggy Sirota took of Veronica Webb in 1993. How do you achieve this?  

RG: I wash my hair about once a week with generic anti-dandruff shampoo and TRESemmé conditioner. I detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb while the conditioner is on. Then to style I use It's a 10 leave-in conditioner and SKIMDO. I let it air-dry then twist it into a high bun. I leave it there all day and the next day I take it down. This way, my curls are stretched and I get a lot of volume. 

K:  Got anything you like in particular about SKIMDO that maybe someone who hasn't used it should know?

RG: I love that the container  has a pump *AND* twist-off lid. Cuz just because the pump isn't dispensing anything, doesn't mean there's no product left! You can get every last drop. 

K: Yes, that was purposeful! Thank you so much for chatting with me. Where can we follow your rise? 

RG: You can find me on Instagram, of course ;) @thatsaboysname

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