Jess M, London ENGLAND: As most people with curly hair have experienced, it is extremely difficult to find a product that can tame the beast and define your curls. It was only when I was a teenager I realised that hair serum was essential. I've gone through so many different products over the years and SKIMDO is the ultimate. It's great because it's so light, which still makes your hair flow and look natural. I would highly recommend SKIMDO to everyone with any type of afro hair. Currently my hair is bleached blonde too! This stuff is needed!


Nia P (FroGirlGinny), London ENGLAND: I started using SKIMDO in September 2015 and if I am honest, I didn't expect much because a lot of products talk about definition and giving you moisture and all the other things a curly girl dreams of.. but because this one didn't speak about anything I didn't know what to expect.

The texture was something I had never felt before, it was thicker and had a very refreshing smell. I applied it on fully wet hair and instantly saw my curls jump up and down with joy. Since then I take it everywhere with me, I refill my travel size with me when I take those cheap Ryan Air flights and I always take it with me even when I'm doing a brand collaboration as you always need some SKIMDO in your life.

It's a great product and I tell everyone about it, in interviews on the radio or in in magazines. To all my clients and to all my curl friends! I cannot wait to see it grow. I'm currently recovering from a product junkie alert trying to get rid of all the things I don't need. My end of year goal is to donate them to curly girls in need, then have my shampoo, conditioner and SKIMDO on my dressing table and that is it.


Emile Z, Wyoming USA: SKIMDO is not the only product I keep in my cabinet, but it is the only product I need. For travel and home, I can count on SKIMDO’s versatility to keep my curls detangled, defined and enviable. SKIMDO’s delicious fresh scent, light feel, and strong hold make it the curl-minimalists ultimate dark horse. 


Jayna G, London ENGLAND: So my hair stylist recommended this to me! I have bleached Indian hair but even without bleach when it dries it is dry and frizzy and this product is LIFE! Like I know it's probably for Afro/curly hair but it gives me a silk smooth texture and a smooth blow dry I love it so much ! Only product that's worked for me x 


Ken D, London ENGLAND: This is the BEST product for my hair! Keeps my curls looking perfect all week long. Was gutted when I had to scrape out the dregs of the tub. 


Iona M, London ENGLAND: I've never had so many compliments about my hair as I have in the three weeks since encountering SKIMDO. People can't work out what I've had done - new haircut, colour, stylist - but whatever it is, they seem to like it. I like (make that 'love') it too, which is the most important thing.

SKIMDO takes my huge mass of fine, zigzag blonde curls and makes them so much more stylable. I feel like I have flexibility about how I wear my hair, which I really didn't have before. I can have them neatly curled for client days or big and bouncy at the weekends. I have suddenly discovered that with very little effort I can get a range of different styles... not just 'down' or 'up'.

The thing I really like about it is that it's heavy-duty - I get a good 4/5 days of hold - and yet incredibly lightweight. It simply disappears, leaving your hair soft without any crunchiness or stickiness. That's why it's worth the money for me. Yes, it's more than I have spent in the past on products, but it's not so different than buying decent quality make-up. It's like the difference between perfectly-defined, long lashes that last all day and something that looks fine for 10 minutes but has smudged by the time you get to work. In a nutshell, definitely worth investing in.


Lana, London ENGLAND: As a girl with afro curly hair I'm always seduced by new wonder creams and serums promising to tame your frizz and give your curls the illusive definition & bounce they deserve… they're usually all talk and a waste of money though. I'd met Kim through a mutual friend one summer years ago and I'd always been fascinated by her defined curls and figured she just had a totally different hairtype to me. When she revealed that really, her hair was just like mine but that she got her results from a product she created (!), I couldn't try it quick enough. My hair afterwards was a satisfying mop of individual ringlets with no flyaway unruly frizz, it made my hair incredible silky soft and even smelled amazing. Will defo be going back for more!


Jade C, London ENGLAND: Last week I finally got to try SKIMDO and it was a revelation. For years I had struggled with my hair. As a child I can remember long arduous hair combing sessions with my mother who has fine wavy hair not at all like my thick curls, as a teen I relaxed my hair often cutting it into harsh angular shapes around my face that stayed pretty much perfect up until the point I left the hair dressers and hit any kind of British weather. 3 years ago. After finishing university I finally decided to grow my hair naturally. It was a partly political decision, partly an experiment and partly just so I could get to grips with what I actually looked like! What I didn't realise was how difficult it was going to be find the right products and the right advice to care for my hair. 

It seemed that every product I used on my hair had no effect at all until I was introduced to SKIMDO.  My hair was transformed into something beautiful, manageable, shiny - the curls I had always dreamed of but never thought I could achieve.  I couldn't believe how springy each curl was and I wasn't the only one to notice the difference. Friends and piers loved it,  they couldn't believe their eyes. 

After explaining the process to one girl friend she said 'the best thing about it is, that it looks as though there is no product in your hair at all' and she was right. It didn't look greasy or false. People could touch it and it would feel soft and natural, feminine. The curls are bouncy and fresh, because the product doesn’t have any extreme tropical smells like many other hair products. There were no tell-tell signs of a product even being used! 

The effects of SKIMDO lasted on my hair around 6-8 days. Which I was extremely impressed with, It lasted through a myriad of weathers, a quick weights session in the gym and a lot of heavy sleeping. I would literally wake up, run my fingers through my hair real quick and I was good to go.  In my eyes this is a very clever, well designed cream madewith modern women in mind. A stand alone product and a definite must-have.


Natalie N, London ENGLAND: I first heard about SKIMDO when I saw a clip on Youtube whereby Kim was talking about what she did with her hair, which I might add was full of very tamed curls which got my attention. Immediately, I thought “I need this !!”. My hair, I’d like to think of it as curly afro; Yes curls with a huge afro. I am sure some people might think that’s wonderful but no, not always.
My hair is not at all hard or difficult to manage but it can be VERY unruly.  SKIMDO appealed to me from the onset mainly because it allowed me to enjoy curls I have always had in a way I would probably never experience them, as tame. The process was very simple and straight to the point, nothing crazy. The curls were amazing and lasted a lot longer than Kim and I thought they would due to my hair type being slightly different. We were worried about some flaking but I experienced nothing of it. After washing it off my hair went straight back to it’s natural state so nothing harmful happened to it, it was definitely something safe for me to use. Honestly, my experience with SKIMDOwas amazing and I can’t wait for it to get into the stores so I can purchase a whole tub. Thanks Kim, you are a life saver to us curly heads.