SKIMDO founder Kim Cowans, is of Russian and Jamaican descent, and was raised between London and Koh Samui.

Kim at 6 years old in London surrounded by her mum and family friends.  

Kim at 6 years old in London surrounded by her mum and family friends.  

I made SKIMDO so that I could keep the ringlety, voluminous complexity of my natural hair, but also have the swish, the shine, the effortlessness I always admired in straight hair.

It’s a cream I work through my wet curls (here’s how) that holds them in flexible, soft suspension. It’s weight, but without weight. Gleam without stickiness. Control without residue.

I choose how big and how long I go. The revolutionary part: It’s the first and only product in the world to do all of this for up to SEVEN DAYS without any of the nasty stuff I don’t want in my hair, skin and lungs. No parabens, no formaldehyde, no sulphates, no trendy ‘buzz’ ingredients. 

After years of working up to eight products through my hair every morning, and carrying half a drugstore with me everywhere I went, I will never get bored of the feeling of waking up - day after day after day - with the most amazing hair. It smells d i v i n e. Fresh, clean, deodorised and endlessly sniffable.

Between treatments, I use a little as a dry conditioner to refresh my hair. Post party, post work-out etc.  OH and the pack looks beautiful. When creating the branding, I’d always wanted something discreet and minimal on my dressing table - something ergonomic and timeless. So if you have hair that’s dry, overwhelming, processed or color-treated, with curls that won’t work as a team, I think you’ll love SKIMDO.

Essentially, it’s a mix of science (a high-tech, highly-concentrated formula of non-toxic copolymers) and nature (restorative conditioning and protein from jojoba and sunflower seed oils plus a good dose of vitamin B5) that delivers hair that’s both high-impact and effortless.

And if you’re looking for the magic words, here they are: I have not had a bad hair day since I created SKIMDO.

Yours sincerely, 

K i m

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Still a relative new kid on the block, SKIMDO has gained cult status amongst stylists and influencers who use it, including FKA Twigs, Aluna Francis, Ella Eyre, Skinny Girl Diet, Neneh Cherry, Lianne La Havas, EVE, Hollie Cook,FroGirlGinny, Eliza Doolittle and Margot Bowman.