THE BABY BANGS KIT - Limited Edition

THE BABY BANGS KIT - Limited Edition


THE BABY Bangs Kit 

Because, although sexy, playful, mysterious and youthful -  having curly bangs can seem like a ~ huge ~ commitment. Let's face it, once you've left the house, after that last look in the mirror, you don't know what is going on with your bangs. We want you to be prepared for that next check-in with the bangs. 

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THE BABY Bangs Kit, contains: 

  • A mini Denman brush (which makes the perfect curly bangs)
  • THE BABY - 50ml of dreamy SKIMDO Original Cream in an airless pump dispenser
  • Grips to secure your bangs away from your face when you're working out. 
  • Zipper bubble bag for storage

TIP: Ideal for random 'off-key' frizzy bits, when you realised you forgot to style a patch of hair at the back. There's good halo frizz, that makes you look like you have a 70's glow around you - and then there's the kind of frizz that makes you look like you overslept your alarm. The latter needs this on-the-go kit to quickly and conveniently get your curls to work as a team.