SKIMDO Original Cream is a revolutionary CURL styling gel-cream. 

The formula is a precise and purposeful mix of science and nature, which ensures each manipulated curl suspended in the product, holds flexibly for up to 7 days

This is the World’s First and only curl styling product to do this, without the use of parabens, sulphates or formaldehyde. 

It is a highly concentrated formula with a stretchy gel texture that, once dry on the hair, leaves a soft natural satin finish, with no stickiness and no residue thanks to the latest technology in non-toxic copolymers. 

Hair looks fully restored and healthy, from the very first application through to the last, thanks to beautiful protein-rich jojoba seed and sunflower seed oils

SKIMDO Original Cream adds weight to curly hair, without heaviness. 

Volume can be whipped up or played down, and the length can be adjusted once dry, using a technique featured on the SKIMDO TV YouTube channel. A step-by-step guide for long lasting results. 

SKIMDO Original Cream has a unique freshly-laundered scent, that is light, uplifting and deodorising. This makes it the perfect dry-conditioner  to refresh the style and adjust any odour at a moment’s notice. 

SKIMDO Original Cream is the product where your creed and your colour and your name don’t matter; it’s your hair. 

To be more technical SKIMDO Original Cream is for thick hair that ranges from wavy in texture, to very curly and dry. There’s a universal hair texture code which would state that SKIMDO Original Cream is for types 3A - 3C

NBThe product wasn't created for very tight dry curly hair (a typical short Afro texture), although in very few cases it’s just right. 

SKIMDO remedies the issue of aimless curls not working ‘as a team’. It is for processed hair, colour-treated hair, and hair that’s dry and overwhelming.  

It creates that striking effortless curly hair that we all crave